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Current London-Fixing (per troyounce)
Gold: $1227.85 / €1066.39   Silver: $14.61 / €12.69   Platinum: $835.00 / €725.20   Palladium: $1086.00 / €943.19

Coin/Bar Metal Fineweight Denom
African Elephant Silver 1/1oz 5000 ZMK
African Monkey Silver 1/1oz 10 USD
American Buffalo Gold 1/10oz 5 USD
American Buffalo Gold 1/1oz 50 USD
American Buffalo Gold 1/2oz 25 USD
American Buffalo Gold 1/4oz 10 USD
American Buffalo Silver 1/1oz
Andorra Eagle Gold 1/10oz
Andorra Eagle Gold 1/1oz
Andorra Eagle Gold 1/20oz
Andorra Eagle Gold 1/2oz
Andorra Eagle Gold 1/4oz
Andorra Eagle Silver 1/1oz 1 Diner
Andorra Eagle Silver 1000g
Andorra Eagle Silver 15000g
Andorra Eagle Silver 250g
Andorra Eagle Silver 5000g
Andorra Eagle Silver 500g
Australian Emu Palladium 1/1oz 40 AUD
Australian Playtpus Platinum 1/1oz 100 AUD
Babenberger Gold 12.1g 1000 ATS
Ballerina Silver 1/1oz 25 Rubel
Ballerina Palladium 1/1oz 25 Rubel
Ballerina Palladium 1/2oz
Ballerina Palladium 1/4oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/10oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/10tola
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/1tael
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/1tola
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/2oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/2tael
Bar/Ingot Gold 1/4oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 10/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 10/1tola
Bar/Ingot Gold 100/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 1000g
Bar/Ingot Gold 100g
Bar/Ingot Gold 10g
Bar/Ingot Gold 12.5g
Bar/Ingot Gold 12g
Bar/Ingot Gold 150g
Bar/Ingot Gold 1g
Bar/Ingot Gold 2.5g
Bar/Ingot Gold 2/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 200g
Bar/Ingot Gold 20g
Bar/Ingot Gold 250g
Bar/Ingot Gold 25g
Bar/Ingot Gold 2g
Bar/Ingot Gold 30g
Bar/Ingot Gold 3g
Bar/Ingot Gold 400/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 4g
Bar/Ingot Gold 5/1oz
Bar/Ingot Gold 500g
Bar/Ingot Gold 50g
Bar/Ingot Gold 5g
Bar/Ingot Gold 8g
Bar/Ingot Silver 1/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 1/1tael
Bar/Ingot Silver 10/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 10/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 10/1tael
Bar/Ingot Silver 10/1tola
Bar/Ingot Silver 100/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 100/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 1000/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 1000/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 1000g
Bar/Ingot Silver 100g
Bar/Ingot Silver 10g
Bar/Ingot Silver 15000g
Bar/Ingot Silver 1g
Bar/Ingot Silver 2/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 200g
Bar/Ingot Silver 20g
Bar/Ingot Silver 2500g
Bar/Ingot Silver 250g
Bar/Ingot Silver 30000g
Bar/Ingot Silver 5/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 50/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 500/1oz
Bar/Ingot Silver 5000g
Bar/Ingot Silver 500g
Bar/Ingot Silver 50g
Bar/Ingot Silver 5g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 1/1oz
Bar/Ingot Platinum 1000g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 100g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 10g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 1g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 200g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 20g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 250g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 2g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 500g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 50g
Bar/Ingot Platinum 5g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 1/1oz
Bar/Ingot Palladium 10/1oz
Bar/Ingot Palladium 1000g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 100g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 10g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 1g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 2/1oz
Bar/Ingot Palladium 20g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 250g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 2g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 3000g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 500g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 50g
Bar/Ingot Palladium 5g
Britannia Gold 1/10oz 10 £
Britannia Gold 1/1oz 100 £
Britannia Gold 1/20oz
Britannia Gold 1/2oz 50 £
Britannia Gold 1/4oz 25 £
Britannia Silver 1/10oz 10 Pence
Britannia Silver 1/1oz 2 £
Britannia Silver 1/2oz 1 £
Britannia Silver 1/4oz 50 Pence
Cats Gold 1/10oz 1/10 Crown
Cats Gold 1/1oz 1 Crown
Cats Gold 1/25oz 1/25 Crown
Cats Gold 1/2oz 1/2 Crown
Cats Gold 1/5oz 1/5 Crown
Cats Silver 1/10oz 1/10 Crown
Cats Silver 1/1oz 1 Crown
Cats Silver 1/25oz 1/25 Crown
Cats Silver 1/2oz 1/2 Crown
Cats Silver 1/5oz 1/5 Crown
Cats Platinum 1/10oz 1/10 Crown
Cats Platinum 1/1oz 1 Crown
Cats Platinum 1/25oz 1/25 Crown
Cats Platinum 1/2oz 1/2 Crown
Cats Platinum 1/5oz 1/5 Crown
Chil. Pesos Gold 18.3g 100
Chil. Pesos Gold 3.66g 20
Chil. Pesos Gold 9.15g 50
Coin Blank Gold 1/10oz
Coin Blank Gold 1/1oz
Coin Blank Gold 1/20oz
Coin Blank Gold 1/2oz
Coin Blank Gold 1/4oz
Coin Blank Silver 1/10oz
Coin Blank Silver 1/1oz
Coin Blank Silver 1/20oz
Coin Blank Silver 1/2oz
Coin Blank Silver 1/4oz
Cook Island Gold 1/10oz
Cook Island Gold 1/1oz 100 CID
Cook Island Gold 1/2oz
Cook Island Gold 1/4oz
Cook Island Silver 1/1oz 1 CID
Cook Island Silver 100/1oz 100 CID
Cook Island Silver 1000g 30 CID
Cook Island Silver 100g
Cook Island Silver 10g
Cook Island Silver 250g
Cook Island Silver 5000g 150 CID
Cook Island Silver 500g
Cook Island Platinum 1/1oz
Cook Island Palladium 1/1oz 50 CID
Crowns Gold 3.05g 10
Crowns Gold 30.48g 100
Crowns Gold 6.09g 20
Czar Alexander Platinum 1/2oz 150 Rubel
Ducats Gold 13.76g 4
Ducats Gold 3.44g 1
Eagle Gold 1/10oz 5 USD
Eagle Gold 1/1oz 50 USD
Eagle Gold 1/20oz
Eagle Gold 1/2oz 25 USD
Eagle Gold 1/4oz 10 USD
Eagle Silver 1/10oz
Eagle Silver 1/1oz 1 USD
Eagle Silver 1/20oz
Eagle Silver 1/2oz
Eagle Silver 1/4oz
Eagle Silver 10/1oz
Eagle Silver 2/1oz
Eagle Silver 5/1oz
Eagle Platinum 1/10oz 10 USD
Eagle Platinum 1/1oz 100 USD
Eagle Platinum 1/2oz 50 USD
Eagle Platinum 1/4oz 25 USD
Ernst Ludwig Gold 7.16g 20 Mark
Fiji Taku Hawksbill Turtle Silver 1/1oz 2 FJD
Fiji Taku Hawksbill Turtle Silver 5/1oz 10 FJD
Florin/Gulden Gold 2.9g 4
Florin/Gulden Gold 5.81g 8
Friedrich Gold 7.16g 20 Mark
Goldeuro Gold 1/1oz 200 €
Goldeuro Gold 1/2oz 100 €
Goldeuro Gold 1/4oz 50 €
Goldeuro Gold 1/8oz 20 €
Goldmark Gold 12g 1 DM
Granules Gold 10000g
Granules Gold 1000g
Granules Gold 100g
Granules Gold 15000g
Granules Gold 20000g
Granules Gold 2000g
Granules Gold 200g
Granules Gold 25000g
Granules Gold 3000g
Granules Gold 300g
Granules Gold 4000g
Granules Gold 400g
Granules Gold 5000g
Granules Gold 500g
Granules Gold 600g
Granules Gold 700g
Granules Gold 800g
Granules Gold 900g
Granules Silver 10000g
Granules Silver 1000g
Granules Silver 1000g
Granules Silver 100g
Granules Silver 15000g
Granules Silver 20000g
Granules Silver 2000g
Granules Silver 200g
Granules Silver 25000g
Granules Silver 25000g
Granules Silver 3000g
Granules Silver 300g
Granules Silver 4000g
Granules Silver 400g
Granules Silver 5000g
Granules Silver 500g
Granules Silver 600g
Granules Silver 700g
Granules Silver 800g
Granules Silver 900g
Granules Platinum 10000g
Granules Platinum 1000g
Granules Platinum 100g
Granules Platinum 15000g
Granules Platinum 20000g
Granules Platinum 2000g
Granules Platinum 200g
Granules Platinum 25000g
Granules Platinum 3000g
Granules Platinum 300g
Granules Platinum 4000g
Granules Platinum 400g
Granules Platinum 5000g
Granules Platinum 500g
Granules Platinum 600g
Granules Platinum 700g
Granules Platinum 800g
Granules Platinum 900g
Granules Palladium 10000g
Granules Palladium 1000g
Granules Palladium 100g
Granules Palladium 15000g
Granules Palladium 20000g
Granules Palladium 2000g
Granules Palladium 200g
Granules Palladium 25000g
Granules Palladium 3000g
Granules Palladium 300g
Granules Palladium 4000g
Granules Palladium 400g
Granules Palladium 5000g
Granules Palladium 500g
Granules Palladium 600g
Granules Palladium 700g
Granules Palladium 800g
Granules Palladium 900g
Half Sovereign Gold 3.66g
Kinebar Gold 1/1oz
Kinebar Gold 1000g
Kinebar Gold 100g
Kinebar Gold 10g
Kinebar Gold 1g
Kinebar Gold 2.5g
Kinebar Gold 200g
Kinebar Gold 20g
Kinebar Gold 250g
Kinebar Gold 2g
Kinebar Gold 500g
Kinebar Gold 50g
Kinebar Gold 5g
Koala Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Koala Silver 1/2oz 0.5 AUD
Koala Silver 10/1oz 10 AUD
Koala Silver 1000g 30 AUD
Koala Silver 2/1oz 5 AUD
Koala Platinum 1/10oz 15 AUD
Koala Platinum 1/1oz 100 AUD
Koala Platinum 1/20oz 5 AUD
Koala Platinum 1/2oz 50 AUD
Koala Platinum 1/4oz 25 AUD
Koala Platinum 10/1oz 1000 AUD
Koala Platinum 1000g 3000 AUD
Koala Platinum 2/1oz 200 AUD
Kookaburra Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Kookaburra Silver 10/1oz 10 AUD
Kookaburra Silver 1000g 30 AUD
Kookaburra Silver 2/1oz 2 AUD
Kookaburra (Privy State) Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Krugerrand Gold 1/10oz
Krugerrand Gold 1/1oz
Krugerrand Gold 1/2oz
Krugerrand Gold 1/4oz
Krugerrand Silver 1/1oz 1 Rand
Libertad Gold 1/10oz
Libertad Gold 1/1oz
Libertad Gold 1/20oz
Libertad Gold 1/2oz
Libertad Gold 1/4oz
Libertad Silver 1/10oz
Libertad Silver 1/1oz
Libertad Silver 1/20oz
Libertad Silver 1/2oz
Libertad Silver 1/4oz
Libertad Silver 1000g
Libertad Silver 2/1oz
Libertad Silver 5/1oz
Libra Gold 1.46g 1/5
Libra Gold 3.66g 1/2
Libra Gold 7.32g 1
Lunar Calendar Gold 1/10oz 15 AUD
Lunar Calendar Gold 1/1oz 100 AUD
Lunar Calendar Gold 1/20oz 5 AUD
Lunar Calendar Gold 1/2oz 50 AUD
Lunar Calendar Gold 1/4oz 25 AUD
Lunar Calendar Gold 2/1oz 200 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 1/2oz 1/2 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 10/1oz 10 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 10000g 300 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 1000g 30 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 2/1oz 2 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 5/1oz 5 AUD
Lunar Calendar Silver 500g 15 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 1/10oz 15 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 1/1oz 100 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 1/20oz 5 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 1/2oz 50 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 1/4oz 25 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Gold 2/1oz 200 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 1/2oz 1/2 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 10/1oz 10 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 10000g 300 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 1000g 30 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 2/1oz 2 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 5/1oz 5 AUD
Lunar Calendar II Silver 500g 15 AUD
Maple Leaf Gold 1/10oz 5 CAD
Maple Leaf Gold 1/15oz
Maple Leaf Gold 1/1oz 50 CAD
Maple Leaf Gold 1/20oz 1 CAD
Maple Leaf Gold 1/2oz 20 CAD
Maple Leaf Gold 1/4oz 10 CAD
Maple Leaf Gold 2/1oz
Maple Leaf Silver 1/1oz 5 CAD
Maple Leaf Silver 10/1oz
Maple Leaf Platinum 1/10oz 5 CAD
Maple Leaf Platinum 1/1oz 50 CAD
Maple Leaf Platinum 1/20oz 1 CAD
Maple Leaf Platinum 1/2oz 20 CAD
Maple Leaf Platinum 1/4oz 10 CAD
Maple Leaf Palladium 1/1oz 50 CAD
Maria Theresien Taler Silver 23.389g
Marianne Gold 2.9g 10 Francs
Marianne Gold 5.81g 20 Francs
Mex. Peso Gold 1.5g 2
Mex. Peso Gold 1.87g 2.5
Mex. Peso Gold 15g 20
Mex. Peso Gold 3.75g 5
Mex. Peso Gold 37.5g 50
Mex. Peso Gold 7.5g 10
Mongolia Silver 1/1oz
Napoleon Gold 5.81g 20 Francs
Newzealand Kiwi Gold 1/4oz 10 NZD
Newzealand Kiwi Silver 1/1oz 1 NZD
Noahs Ark Silver 1/1oz 500 AMD
Noahs Ark Silver 1/2oz
Noahs Ark Silver 1/4oz
Noahs Ark Silver 10/1oz
Noahs Ark Silver 1000g
Noahs Ark Silver 5/1oz
Noahs Ark Silver 5000g
Noble Platinum 1/10oz 1/10 Noble
Noble Platinum 1/1oz 1 Noble
Noble Platinum 1/20oz 1/20 Noble
Noble Platinum 1/2oz 1/2 Noble
Noble Platinum 1/4oz 1/4 Noble
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1/10oz 15 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1/1oz 100 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1/20oz 5 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1/2oz 50 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1/4oz 25 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 10/1oz 1000 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 1000g 3000 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Gold 2/1oz 200 AUD
Nugget/Kangaroo Silver 1/1oz
Nugget/Kangaroo Silver 10/1oz
Nugget/Kangaroo Silver 1000g
Nugget/Kangaroo Silver 2/1oz
Panda Gold 1/10oz 50 ¥
Panda Gold 1/1oz 500 ¥
Panda Gold 1/20oz 20 ¥
Panda Gold 1/2oz 250 ¥
Panda Gold 1/4oz 125 ¥
Panda Gold 1000g 10000 ¥
Panda Gold 12/1oz
Panda Gold 5/1oz 2000 ¥
Panda Silver 1/1oz 10 ¥
Panda Silver 1/2oz 5 ¥
Panda Silver 1000g 300 ¥
Panda Silver 12/1oz 100 ¥
Panda Silver 2/1oz 20 ¥
Panda Silver 5/1oz 50 ¥
Panda Platinum 1/10oz 10 ¥
Panda Platinum 1/1oz 100 ¥
Panda Platinum 1/20oz 5 ¥
Panda Platinum 1/2oz 50 ¥
Panda Platinum 1/4oz 25 ¥
Panda Palladium 1/1oz 50 ¥
Panda Palladium 1/2oz 25 ¥
Rand Gold 3.66g 1
Rand Gold 7.32g 2
Ruanda Elephant Silver 1/1oz 50 RWF
Rubel Gold 1/2oz 100
Rubel Gold 1/4oz 10
Rubel Gold 7.74g 10
Rubel Silver 1000g 100
Rubel Silver 5/1oz 25
Saltwater Crocodile Silver 1/1oz 1 AUD
Singapore Lion Gold 1/10oz 10 SGD
Singapore Lion Gold 1/1oz 100 SGD
Singapore Lion Gold 1/20oz 5 SGD
Singapore Lion Gold 1/2oz 50 SGD
Singapore Lion Gold 1/4oz 25 SGD
Soles Gold 2.10g 5
Soles Gold 21.06g 50
Soles Gold 4.21g 10
Soles Gold 42.13g 100
Soles Gold 8.42g 20
Somalia Elephant Gold 1/1oz 1000 SOS
Somalia Elephant Gold 1/25oz
Somalia Elephant Silver 1/1oz 100 SOS
Somalia Elephant Silver 1000g 2000 SOS
Somalia Tiger Silver 1/1oz 100 SOS
South African Springbok Silver 1/1oz
Sovereign Gold 7.32g
Sovereign (Edward) Gold 7.32g 1 £
Sovereign (Elisabeth) Gold 7.32g 1 £
Sovereign (George V) Gold 7.32g 1 £
Sovereign (Victoria) Gold 7.32g 1 £
St. Gaudens Double Eagle Gold 1/1oz 20 USD
Swiss Vreneli Gold 2.9g 10 Franken
Swiss Vreneli Gold 29.00g 100 Franken
Swiss Vreneli Gold 5.81g 20 Franken
Tscherwonez Gold 1/4oz 10 Rubel
Tscherwonez Gold 7.74g 10 Rubel
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/10oz 10 €
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/1oz 100 €
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/20oz
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/25oz
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/2oz 50 €
Vienna Philharmonic Gold 1/4oz 25 €
Vienna Philharmonic Silver 1/1oz 1.5 €
Vienna Philharmonic Platinum 1/1oz 100 €
Wilhelm Gold 7.16g 20 Mark

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