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Current London-Fixing (per troyounce)
Gold: $1198.70 / €1020.15   Silver: $14.33 / €12.20   Platinum: $829.00 / €705.52   Palladium: $1045.00 / €889.35

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American Precious Metal Ex. (US, UTC-6:00)  Current price date: Friday, 21. September 2018, 22:05:05 UTC Quality high
Minimum order value: 50.00USD
Shipping costs Unites States: <200.00USD 9.95USD; <500.00USD 12.95USD; <1000.00USD 19.95USD; <25000.00USD 24.95USD; >25000.00USD free
 No shipping to other countries

Coin/BarMetal Fineweight BuySell¤
Eagle Platinum 1/2oz - 50.00 USD
Eagle Platinum 1/4oz - 25.00 USD
Eagle Platinum 1/1oz - 100.00 USD
Libertad (1997) Silver 5/1oz - 191.30 USD

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